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Catalog (Self Cover) 100# Gloss Book You may be familiar with this type of stock from the covers of many popular magazines like People and Time. This paper strikes a balance between thickness and foldability, while the glossy finish on both sides gives your text a professional appearance. Also Available in: Catalog 100# Gloss Book + 100# Gloss Cover You may be familiar with this type of stock from standard business cards. Stiffer than 100# Gloss Text, this glossy finish cover stock offers sharp folds and a sturdy product for a very professional result. This stock is coated on both sides. Call for pricing



Catalogs are multi-page bound documents. They can range from glossy product sales tools to corporate training aides. Catalogs often provide comprehensive information about the range of products or services offered by the publisher. Catalogs that are intended to be kept for longer periods of time often have covers printed on thicker stock for durability.


Our Catalogs are bound with saddle stitching. For other binding options, please call.

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