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70# Uncoated Smooth

250    $90.00

500    $139.00

1000   $180.00

2500   $282.00

5000   $375.00

10000  $552.00

Great for envelopes, letterhead, brochures, flyers, and notepads, this light paper folds easily and has an uncoated finish for a natural look and feel.

70# Linen

250    $185.00

500    $205.00

1000   $240.00

2500   $425.00

5000   $599.00

10000 $964.00

Great for envelopes, letterhead, and business cards, this light paper folds easily and has a unique look and feel with its linen finish.



Letterhead is customized stationary that typically showcases a company or person. Our Letterhead is also available on linen texture stock for a unique look and feel.


One common option is to order second sheets that typically only include the logo from your full Letterhead without address and other contact information. Use the Letterhead with the full details for the first page of correspondence. Logo-only second sheets are also great for internal communication. To get second sheets, place a separate order for Letterhead with just the logo graphic. Make sure to order the same stock and printing method.





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